Good morning all,

Item 1: Noted that if you load filament without the extruder heated the system quickly steps through the load process prompts without actually loading the filament. Perhaps a check to see if the hotend is hot to either a) prompt to turn on the heater or b) turn on the heater and then load.

Item 2 (specific to my machine): The PanelDue is no longer functioning. It no longer displays anything. It started as a flicker of garbage text display, sometimes would go out and then come back (not heat dependent) and now finally it just doesn't work at all anymore. Printing still works fine and been able to keep printing and control via the web but I have no display. Can it come in for a maintenance and checkup along with possible repair/replace?  Oh and yes, I was printing a fair amount of ABS so it may have been heat that killed it but the going in and out was not directly heat dependent. Ie it didn't cut out while doing ABS and then come back when cooled. It was more sporadic in when it would cut out.

Thanks for everything!
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John Kray
Item 1: That should not happen. The load procedure is supposed to enable cold extrusion during loading. However, loading has been completely reworked so hopefully, that should not be an issue going forward. 

Item 2: That is unfortunate! We have not had any displays die on us yet, heat may have caused it, or it could have just been a defective unit. Either way, we will replace it.

Yes, let's get your machine in for some repairs/upgrades. We can get that lighting control set up for you!

I made a new post titled Nautilus beta refocus and future roadmap, which discusses a shift in the direction of the beta program and some of our future plans and thinking behind them. Please read over this when you have a moment and of course, feedback is welcome.

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